Offer unique culinary experiences to your customers and stand out

Food design for Chefs

What is food design ?

Food design is the reflection and creation around food. It questions the moment of the meal, its traditions, its techniques but also the food object as such. In restaurants, it is used to create culinary experiences. They create strong memories and build customer loyalty.

I promised on this site a simple language. And this definition is not at all. To put it simply, culinary design brings together all the moments when you can highlight a food, a cuisine, a personality, while integrating a narrative and a meaning. The important thing is therefore to convey emotions.

Tell a story

Stand out by telling strong stories

What really makes you different from your neighbor?

Today, the world of cooking is overmediated and many chefs are under the spotlight. The norm is Eurasian associations - twisted - by Finger lime.

To stand out, your kitchen is no longer enough. We constantly need new ideas, new tastes, new techniques. And I'm sure you do that very well.


Tell the product story or deliver an engaging message:

How this mushroom was picked in a light fall rain before being added to the wild herb basket.

Show the environmental impact on your land. The bitter taste it gives you. The heat of a burned forest. The despair of a bear without an ice pack. - The best way to get a message across is to make it emotional.

What if you went further than other restaurant owners?

Thinking about your plate beyond the dish. In a complete space with sounds, smells, touch and appropriate staging. We are not talking about changing the entire decor of your restaurant with each new dish, but about creating a universe that intensifies as the menu progresses.

Multi-sensory experience:

I create experiences that engage all the senses to leave a strong mark. Let your kitchen be anchored forever in the minds of your customers.

Bring emotions

culinary experience

Give your customers a multi-sensory experience. That will transport them into your universe.

food conception

Let's go further into the tasting of your cuisine and your products.


Highlight your world with a narrative which reflects you.

stand out


Graduated from French art and design schools, and from gastronomic university of Paris, I put my experience and my knowledge at the service of your kitchen.

  • food product design
  • design around the meal
  • design of narrative and sensory experiences
  • commercial scenography (stand, POS, pop-up)
  • event scenography
  • modeling for 3D printing
  • workshop and training
  • creative consulting
  • recipe realization
  • catering


My name is Sophie.

I am a culinary designer and scenographer by training. I help restaurant owners stand out from the crowd by creating unique multi-sensory experiences.

I am very passionate about cooking, but I am much better at finishing dishes than preparing them. I have found my calling in culinary design.

I am not trying to invent fat-free butter, just to share my design skills to enhance your kitchen and create unique moments that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

PS: Butter without fat would be a desecration.


Can a food designer cook?

I'm not a chef. If you call on me, it's because you already have the technical skills. The culinary designer questions habits and traditions and reinterprets them.

During a project, I am surrounded by cooks, pastry chefs, ceramists, in order to use the potential of each one to create something unique.

To put it simply, you wouldn't ask a car designer if he knows how to make his car. Well, this is the same.

What do you propose?

I create experiences that engage all the senses to leave a strong mark. Let your kitchen be anchored forever in the minds of your customers.

What subjects are you working on?

My work is multidisciplinary. The culinary design is a reflection around the moment of the meal, but also its traditions and techniques. In other words.

I question myself on light subjects:

  • Why is the éclair always rectangular?
  • Is a pyramid-shaped goat different from a round-shaped goat?
  • The faces when eating vinegar.
  • Why don't I like oysters?

And more complex topics:

  • How to combine excellence and sustainability?
  • How to make people understand that traditional gastronomy should not be globalized.
  • How to protect and enhance the value of small producers of a region?

Do you give conferences or trainings about food design?

Yes. Contact me directly if you are interested.

Why Coquillette ?

I love coquillettes with gruyère and ham. It is THE dish that evokes the most memories and emotions. Moreover, it speaks instantly to most people.

Dreamy, regressive, to be revisited endlessly but above all incredibly greedy. The coquillettes sum up my work perfectly!

Do you have a catering offer?

I am not a chef. I design culinary experiences in collaboration with chefs and caterers. If you would like to organize a multi-sensory dinner with a question about food and/or a particular story, contact me. Otherwise, I am sure you will find the perfect caterer

Do you work with individuals?

Sometimes, depending on the project. Send me a message and we will see if your project is possible.

Do you take photography and make food styling?

I stopped this service to focus 100% on design. But I created a training course to teach restaurant owners how to take pictures with their phone.(lien ici).

If you have any other questions, please send me an email at :

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